the ICT state of the art

The fundamental importance of ICT (“Information and Communication technologies”) for the enhancement of social and economic development has been universally recognized. The Turkish government is fully aware of this relevance and is more and more valorizing ICT, as irreplaceable factors for enhancing the participation of enterprises in the global market, for service supply and for the exploitation of local potentials. ICT are so important factors for Turkey development, that UNDP “2004 National Human Development Report” identified them as a fundamental priority for country development.

ICT market in Turkey has been rapidly growing, having registered in 2010 a value of 26 billion dollars. Turkish software industry registered 1,5 billion dollar in 2009, with a growth rate of 5,6%, that has further augmented this year. From 2001 until 2009 computer sales constantly augmented, reaching 2 million sales in 2009. As far as connections between new communication technologies and local entrepreneurship are concerned, a study realized by the statistical institute Turkstat should be mentioned. According to this analysis, 90,7% of Turkish enterprises employ computers, while 88% have an internet access.

Therefore Turkish software industry is dynamic, in constant expansion and, most important of all, with a significant growth potential. The current rapid development of ICT sector and the consistent opportunities of its future expansion derive from the following factors:

  • Availability of highly qualified staff (above all engineers trained in local Universities).
  • Opening of the Turkish telecommunication market since 2004 and fulfillment of the privatization process of Turkish Telecommunication Inc.
  • Start of the harmonization process with EU standards.
  • Rise of public expenditure in support of IT and in general increased government support for R&D.
  • Dynamic market in the field of mobile services, internet, ecc… .
  • Approval of the law “Research and Development Law No: 5746” - 2008, which inserts further measures in support of ICT, with significant facilities in this field compared with previous period.

Links of interest:

1. Tutti i dati qui riportati sullo sviluppo delle ICT in Turchia sono stati rilevati dal seguente documento: “ICT sector in Turkey”, Yusuf TÜRKOĞLU, IGEME Export Promotion Center of Turkey, 2010.